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Monster: Hands Like House (WWE supershowdown official theme song)


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Hands Like Houses have revealed “Monster” – the second single from their new album -Anon. set for release on October 12 via UNFD. Alongside the single reveal, Hands Like Houses have announced an exclusive run of album intimate launch shows during release week in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Built around the line “I can feel it coming alive”, “Monster” is about running from yourself when you feel the beast inside roaring to life, and everyone needs to get out of the way.

Frontman Trenton Woodley explains the creative process behind “Monster”: It’s crazy how things sometimes come to life when you just let them be. I remember this song, as a demo, always having this raw, rowdy energy, even when it didn’t have much else. It was actually one of the last tracks to come together vocally, for no other reason than it just happened to be further down the list I had of songs and ideas I was putting together – I feel like it snuck up on me. At that point we were really diving into the idea of ‘deliberate instinct’ that shaped the album and the hook line ‘I can feel it coming alive’ we had demoed initially as a placeholder just had a feel that I couldn’t shift to any other lyric. That became the ground zero we built on.

“Because of the raw and gritty tone of the instrumentals, it was really important to get the vocals to a place where they complemented that attitude and vibe – so it was a lot of fun pushing and exploring my voice with new techniques and textures. The ‘sound’ of the verse vocals was actually me being hunched over a microphone, on the edge of a very low couch, with a small bottle of Jameson and a regularly topped up cup of steaming black coffee parked on the table next to me. It was literally everything I’ve taught and been taught NOT to do, and we threw that all out the window, because it was what the song needed to come to life.  

“The lyrics grew from the idea that every one of us has a part of ourselves that we hate – a monster that seems to come to the surface when we turn our backs for a moment. I wanted to bake in the fear, the panic, the self-doubt of bringing something to life, but also the confidence and swagger of accepting that you are both Jekyll and Hyde – and owning it. I scribbled down in my notepad ‘Yeah, I’m running from my problems and you probably should too’. Even though it wasn’t ever meant to be a lyric, it was the attitude that I wanted to carry through.”

the wwe supershowdown theme song


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